How Should Christians Love Their Muslim Neighbors

Michael Horton has written a very important article on Loving Muslim Neighbors. This is a delicate issue to be sure. Christians must love our Muslim friends and find ways to build bridges for the gospel. But this must not be done naively. Deep differences must be acknowledged. The integrity of the gospel must be preserved.

Commenting on a statement made by Rick Warren regarding how God likes variety, Horton writes:

Certainly it is true that we should engage in civil conversation. It is not merely democratic values, but the New Testament, that requires Christians to love their neighbors regardless of the response. However, to tell Muslim friends, “I don’t know if you have noticed this, but God likes variety,” is to imply that God approves idolatry as if it were equivalent to the diversity that God does in fact like—indeed, creates—when he saves people “from every tribe, kindred, language, and people” by his blood (Rev 5:9).

I don’t question Rick Warren’s faith. I don’t question his motive for building bridges of friendship with Muslim people. I do question his judgment related to how he is going about it. It seems as though Warren is downplaying some very important differences between Christians and Muslims. Horton highlights some of those differences in his article.

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